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The Slight Edge

Sometimes one inch can be the difference between success or failure.

Rich Lewine, South Florida’s Leadership/Management Guy, helps you get the SLIGHT EDGE

  • Winning the Masters by one stroke
  • Winning a gold medal by one second
  • Winning the Kentucky Derby by one stride
organizational transformation

How are some professionals able to get better results and to make more money, but put in the same or fewer hours than others? The answer is the “Slight Edge.®” When you put into practice the principles of the Slight Edge,® you will enjoy positive results almost immediately.

Doubling your knowledge, hours on the job, or personal skills is not necessary to double your effectiveness and your value to the organization. The sports world provides a clear example of the Slight Edge.® A baseball player with a .350 batting average often commands a salary many times that of a player who bats only .250. Yet the difference between the two is only one hit in every 10 times at bat. Even a small improvement in performance may increase your effectiveness, value, and return many times over.

Seriously consider changes you can make in these areas where the Slight Edge® increases your value as a leader:

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