Strategic Leadership, Management & Organization Development

Because we want you to sleep well, tell us:

“What keeps you up at night?”

  • Leadership Competency?
  • Improved Communication?
  • Defined Priorities?
  • Established Doable Goals?
  • Improved Teamwork?
  • Increased sales?
  • Improved profit?

Imagine what can happen if your organization becomes just 10% more effective overall!

RSL Consulting Group has over 40 years of real world experience working with organizations like yours, providing huge added value to their growth and sustainability.

Your problems are our challenges! Your ongoing satisfaction with how well your organization is doing is our motivation. Delivering valuable solutions to you is our success!

We offer expertise that matches what it takes to address your wants and needs.

Strategic initiatives driven by . . .

  • Articulation of your Vision
  • Formulation of supporting strategy
  • Creation of executable organizational goal systems
  • Design of an organizational structure the enables human well being
  • Implementation of a systemic leadership culture that is people focused

Leadership, management and organization development programs powered by LMI-USA, including. . .

  • Effective Personal Productivity
  • Effective Leadership Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Effective Motivational Leadership 
  • Effective Personal Leadership
  • Effective Selling Strategies
  • Effective Strategic Leadership
  • Leadership for Women
  • Making of a Champion 
  • Attitude is Everything 
  • The Profile Evaluation System

Business Viability and Financial Integrity Solutions

  • Business Valuations
  • Succession Planning
  • Merger, Acquisition, Sale preparation
  • Equity Investor & Debt Funding Solutions

Richard Lewine

South Florida's Strategic Leadership & Management Guy!

My expertise and experience in Strategic Leadership and Management development provides massive value as you generate significant improvements in your people’s performance, bringing assured ROI from your investment in them.

Our Team

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