Professional Leadership Program


100% online personal and professional leadership enhancement process; with a guaranteed in writing 3:1 ROI!

. . .because now it’s about YOU and your organization!

Presented by: RSL Consulting Group & LMI South Florida

Coming to you on your laptop/desktop/tablet/phone Tuesday, September 27th, 2019 at 8:00 AM EDST

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Are you serious about ensuring the integrity, viability and longevity of your enterprise?

Too busy to go to a meeting venue to get the information you want and need?

The Solution

PLP is facilitated in two phases of 4 months each with a one month hiatus.

Phase one focuses on:


Phase two emphasizes:


15, tri-weekly, 2.0 to 2.5 hour group sessions on Zoom web conferencing; plus one, 1 hour, individual mentoring session/month on Zoom web conferencing; plus: Graduation lunch/dinner, Certificate presentation ceremony, (live for local Miami-Dade/Broward/Palm Beach) participants. Remote participants are welcome to attend at their expense.

Kickoff September 27th, 2019 on your Internet device at 8:00AM Eastern.

The Benefits:                  

 When you’re ready to:

  •  Define “What Matters Most” in your personal and professional life
  •  Give and receive Feedback to and from peers on challenging issues
  •  Value the distinctions between Personal and Organizational leadership
  •  Create a system of Personal and Professional goals, aligned for mutual benefit
  •  Be able to effectively identify, confront and resolve interpersonal conflicts
  •  Enhance your ability to lead others toward achievement of clearly defined goals
  •  Articulate a Vision that everyone in your organization can support
  •  Discover and develop your untapped potential and that of your people
  •  Move from being a victim of expected results to a beneficiary of your own goals

The Unique Design:

The Professional Leadership Program is focused on YOU!

A unique course that will change the way you see yourself and your potential to achieve.

  • Individual pre-course conference to establish program time frame Win-Win goals based on participant’s real world challenges.
  • No videos, no lectures.
  • Listen to MP3s at your convenience at any time and anywhere.
  • Goal setting for yourself and your organization.
  • Facilitated peer group discussion; and a chance to do work that matters to you and your organization.
  • The Profile Evaluation System job-matching tool. Learn WHY you do what you do!
The Profile Evaluation System

Profile Video


Extrapolated from our Mission, The Professional Leadership Program is based on our belief that each of us has an almost unlimited reservoir of untapped potential. Our process helps YOU, the participant to discover and develop that potential so that YOU may create the “slight edge”, that nuanced something that makes a huge difference in YOUR results.

Our Mission is To become and remain the “go to” resource for management, leadership and organization development for the SMB market in Southern Florida, Palm Beach to Miami region; providing our clients with proven methods and concepts that support the achievement of their personal and business goals. We are facilitators of the tapping of YOUR potential!


Leadership White Paper

How it Works:

  • Five learning methods ensure close to 70% retention of content
    • Audio: MP3s delivering concepts, principles, methods to enhance your self-knowledge and ability to consistently lead and achieve
    • Visual: Onscreen text of audio and worksheets, analyses, tracking systems
    • Kinesthetic: Writing your goals, responding to questionnaires, creating artifacts
    • Performance/feedback loop: on-the-job implementation of new methods and systems which generate feedback from others, indicating the need to adjust or continue the new behavior
    • Online conference workshops: group sessions with peers and facilitator, reviewing personal performance, giving and getting feedback

Our focus is on using the Technology of Goal Setting as the catalyst for growth. Identifying what you want to become, have or do, and setting specific goals to make that happen, with short term goals to enable realistic tracking toward achievement.

One of our key partners in bringing you the most current and relevant leadership development tools. Click the LMI logo for a short video that tells the story. . .

LMI south florida web logoTestimonials:                                  

“Richard Lewine started out as our business coach and turned into a most trusted and valued mentor. I can not say enough about his listening skills and his subsequent ability to hone in on “the problem”. Most astonishingly, he has opened my eyes, through his profiling tools, to what I am best at and how to use my personality to get the most out my work life. We also look forward to working with Richard when we start hiring for our website business. I highly recommend that you contact Richard no matter where your business stands. He is the best!” Catherine Stone

“Mentoring and employee growth is important to the thriving organization. Richard has assisted us with current and future leaders at the City of Pompano Beach. His experience helps him cut to the chase when working one on one with staff to point out strengths and areas that need improvement. Plus he is a great guy to work with!” Paul Mercado

“Richard has been instrumental in guiding PRN through the perilous growth stages of a Start-Up. His unique ability to coach, mentor and drive results at the management and C level has created instant impact for our organization. Richard has mastered the four leadership styles: directing, coaching, supporting and delegating. He is a situational leader that oozes confidence and brings the best out of resources at any level. He has led PRN through numerous sessions/workshops which are engaging, educational and productive. A true testament to Richard’s ability is the ongoing relationship he has had with PRN over the years, this is no accident folks…he is the real deal.” Carl Rio

“Richard is fantastic. Working with him required some real soul searching, and it was at times difficult, but the return was incredible. I have used the skills I learned in every aspect of my life. It was an outstanding experience.” CEO/President (Retired)

“Richard is not your typical “business coach”; he is much more like a sport team coach.  Tells you like it is.  Richard’s years and years of experiences and his own investments into his field make him a TERRIFIC consultant and organizational coach.  Engage with him only if you’re serious about changing and developing yourself and/or organization.”  –Linda Kuppersmith

Facilitator’s Bio:

President, RSL Consulting Group, LLC Managing Partner, LMI South Florida

Richard. . .

  • Grew and sold two regional textile distribution companies.
  • Founded three consulting firms.
  • Sold over $60 million in products and services during his career.
  • Created GoalTrak – a web-based strategic goals and performance management system.
  • Mentored the leaders of hundreds of small and midsized organizations.
  • Developed leadership and management potential in thousands of executives and managers.

Richard Lewine is a grand vizier & mentor who uses extensive life experience and wisdom to help change the lives of his clients. He is passionate about what he does, and inspires those he works with to have a vision and look within to transform themselves and lead their business to great success. Richard is relentless in his approach, and guides his clients to set and achieve their most important goals. His methodology results in sustainable skills that positively impact people’s careers, the bottom line of their business, and their personal lives.

Richard believes that, “without a system of goals our only motivation is survival.

Professional Leadership Program

Effective Personal/Professional Leadership Development

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Total fee: Call 215-872-6025 for total fee and payment schedule.

With a guaranteed in writing 3:1 ROI!

Cancellation Policy: If you cancel up to and including 10 working days prior to kickoff, you will receive full refund minus $100 administration fee. If you cancel 9 or less working days prior to kickoff date, you will receive 50% refund minus $100 administration fee.

Registration deadline is September 27th. Early registration earns a 10% discount if received on or before September 15th , 2019. Registration is limited to 7 participants. Bring a colleague and earn an additional 10% discount.

After completing the registration form you have an option to make a credit card payment via PayPal.

Please make checks payable to: RSL Consulting Group, LLC

Mail to: RSL PLP
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If you need assistance please call 215-872-6025

Fee includes all materials: Digital Lesson Manual text & Plans of Action, mp3 and the 14 conference sessions. Fee also includes one visit/month to your site by your Presidents Group facilitator during the 9 month process. The visit is Virtual if beyond 100 miles of Pompano Beach Florida.

Location: On your desktop computer/tablet/laptop

Kickoff date: Tuesday, 8:00AM Eastern, September 27th, 2019. Additional 14 sessions will be held at the same time, 3 weeks apart with a one month hiatus, through April of 2020. The group may choose to modify meeting dates due to holidays or other conflicts. Please let us know if you will miss a meeting so that we can arrange a make up session for you.

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