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The Renaissance of Pompano Beach: An RSL Consulting Group Update

Richard Lewine - Pompano Beach 2018 - management, leadership, personal productivity, organization growth

Pompano Beach Florida is undergoing a renaissance.

RSL Consulting Group, LLC is on the front lines with City of Pompano Beach employees who are making it happen. Downtown Pompano is a multi-year, Pompano Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) project to revitalize and upgrade the downtown Pompano Beach area. (view PDF here) Pompano Beach is midway between Miami and Palm Beach, placed strategically to serve the needs of business and tourism for the whole East coast of South Florida.

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Our Purpose

To support the growth and sustainability of small and midsize business as the backbone of the economy, through the discovery and development of the untapped potential of the people in these organizations.

Our Mission

To become and remain the “go to” resource for management, leadership and organization development for the SMB market in Southern Florida; the Palm Beach to Miami region. We provide our clients with proven methods and concepts that support the achievement of their personal and business goals.

How we became involved

We moved here in late 2015 from of Greenwich CT, bringing our expertise and 38 years of business consulting experience. . .and not much else. We didn’t know anyone in the area, so the first move was to join the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce. This turned out to be the linchpin of our marketing strategy that enabled our growth and development in the region.

Meet Richard! February 28th, 2018

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As we got to know the business leaders in the community through our activity as an Ambassador for the Pompano Beach Chamber, we were welcomed as a potential provider of organization development solutions for the small and mid-size market.  Our expertise in the area of management development and organizational and personal  goal setting technology became known and sought after.

Early in 2017, the City of Pompano Beach City Manager responded to one of our emails and asked us to present our offering in a meeting with his Assistant City Managers and himself. We made our presentation and subsequently were awarded a contract for a pilot program. If it went well, we would be asked to continue with the process. On January 18th 2018 we kicked off our second group of middle managers in a 5 month management development program. Apparently, it worked!

What we have learned

We have learned about the regional needs for leadership and management development in the business and non-profit arenas through consistent networking at Chamber events and other venues. Our Purpose and Mission clearly define who we are for clients, prospects, vendors and the various communities we serve, including the people of Pompano Beach.

As we go forward in 2018, our commitment to delivering excellence and client satisfaction supports the continued growth of the City of Pompano Beach.

Richard Lewine - Pompano Beach 2018 - management, leadership, personal productivity, organization growth
Richard Lewine – President, RSL Consulting Group
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