LMI Performance

lmi-performance-logoLMI Performance, LLC is a 36 year partner of Leadership Management, Inc., (LMI). Our commitment to our clients is to provide “best of breed” personal and professional development programs and products that enhance the performance of the people that are our client organizations. Your people are the reason that you and your organization are successful. To that end, our program facilitation process is primarily via multiple sessions over time, rather than a one time impact delivery.

This method of information delivery ensures a high rate of retention and allows the program participants to apply the concepts and methods they are learning in the real world. Getting direct feedback on performance, the “performance/feedback loop”, reinforces and speeds the individual’s learning and improves the retention level, supporting further application of new methods and systems.

With goal setting as the catalyst for performance improvement, your people quickly begin to make significant contributions to increased revenue and/or reduced operating expenses. Bottom line benefits become clear in a relatively short time. Measuring progress toward predetermined outcomes becomes the norm. Accountability is welcomed rather than avoided.

If you’re ready for measurable improvement in overall organizational performance, give us a call or drop us an email. We’re ready to be of assistance in your quest for excellence!

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