Leadership for Women®

Leadership for Women® is designed to equip participants with the tools and skills to realize their potential and to build outstanding personal leadership qualities.

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Women face unique challenges as they move higher in their organizations. This program  explores these challenges and helps participants to meet the demands of modern business.

For Professionals, Both Individuals and Employees


Monica Murphy – Co-Facilitator

Massage Therapist / Business Owner (The Massage Works)

Monica is a massage therapist with a background in psychology and a lifelong interest in the connection between mind and body. She lived and worked in Switzerland after college where she learned the value of a healthy work/life balance. With 13 years of experience in the steel and aluminum business in various positions, including head trader’s secretary and logistics manager, she is well-acquainted with the corporate world.

When she found herself looking for “the next thing”, Monica decided to go to massage school as a “side project” and discovered a passion for helping people feel good both physically and mentally. Her “side project” became the basis for a successful full-time career, from which she continues to learn and find joy. She met Richard Lewine through the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce and earned her completion Certificate in the RSL/LMI Leadership For Women program in 2018. 

Monica sees the world as a source of wonder and adventure. She is dedicated to helping others find their own truth from a place of self-knowledge and security. She may be reached at mem95gt@hotmail.com.

Richard Lewine Founder & CEO RSL Consulting Group, LLC.

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Who Will Benefit?

  • Women in all fields currently in leadership roles.
  • Women preparing for promotion to higher management positions.
  • Women exploring career alternatives.

Today’s world demands equality for all in the workplace. Diversity and equal pay for equal work are important to us at RSL Consulting Group. Women face unique challenges as they move higher in their organizations. This program explores these challenges and helps participants to develop the critical attitudes, self-confidence and qualities that meet the demands of modern business.

The learning experience combines individual leadership assessment, experiential learning, and frank discussion about obstacles in the workplace with a facilitated process for professional development and career planning.


Well, I feel like I am like a flower in bloom.
I have learned even more about myself, my priorities, my work methods, as well as renewed some goals. The course provided the theory and now, I have to put it all into practice.


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