About Donna Jordan-Mitchell, Co-Facilitator

Donna Jordan-Mitchell is an Emmy award-winning former television achor for WHIO-TV, a CBS affiliate in Dayton, Ohio.

Jordan-Mitchell won a regional EMMY award for Outstanding Achievement in Anchoring News in 1993 and an EMMY nomination for Outstanding Achievement in Writing in 1997.

Donna jordan-mitchell

Jordan-Mitchell traveled to the war-torn nation of Bosnia in 1996 for an arduous special assignment: chronicle her visit. She co-produced a television special, Passage to Peace: A Gift of Hope, which won the Ohio Associated Press Best Documentary award.

Repeatedly named Best Anchor in her television market by viewers, Jordon-Mitchell has covered sensational trials and interviewed stars and celebs. She reported live from the Gorbachev-Bush Superpower Summit in Washington, D.C., and served as producer and host of the special, On Location with Oprah Winfrey.

Throughout her career, Jordan’s achieved numerous honors. Named Outstanding Television Newcomer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for her work on PM Magazine and as an investigative consumer reporter in Pittsburgh, PA. She was selected as Massachusetts’’ Outstanding Young Career Woman in 1976 for her work in radio.

Jordan-Mitchell’s success extends to her personal life as well. She’s won many trophies in tennis and racquetball; a bronze medal in NASTAR ski racing; and in 1996 won the City Women’s golf championship in Springboro, Ohio. She and her husband Stephen – an expert in the field of management consulting- teach a Sunday School Class for young couples.

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