The System

A Strategic & Operational System for Organizations in Transition; Whether Startup or Family Office. . .the principles apply

Step One: Strategy

(You don’t DO strategy. You formulate strategy.)

Vision Articulation

To communicate a consistent future view of the organization to everyone involved with that future’s creation. Whether senior executive or computer programmer, the performance of each individual contributes to the desired future state. Assurance that decisions made today are congruent with a Vision, requires that people have knowledge of that future picture.


Strategy Formulation

To create a strategic foundation that enables realization of your Vision, provides direction and support for the operational goal setting and planning efforts of the senior management group and their respective teams; and results in clarity of expectation and commonality of purpose. This is the place to design the leadership system that can deal with the myriad requirements of the human condition and its influence on the overall effectiveness of the organization.


Step Two: Operations

You DO operations. Executable goals based on strategy.

Organizational Goals Sessions

To create a system of goals for 12 to 18 months in 8 key result areas common to all businesses, that takes into account the needs and desires of ownership and the executive group; to assign responsibility and accountability to appropriate executives and managers for accomplishment of these goals; and gain commitment to ongoing improvement in performance through goal directed action; to create a dynamic organization chart reflective of the functional needs of the organization with respect to authority, responsibility, accountability and communication.


Organizational Structure

To design the structure of your organization with respect to functioning as an environment that supports your people in their efforts of goal setting and achievement. This structure must enable effective communication in all directions, enable the discharge of responsible, sustainable leadership that ensures the viability and longevity of your organization.

People Needs and Inclusion

When all that is ready, then choose people who have the right attributes to make it happen. Ensure that people are identified as having the required attributes, considering both cognitive and personality traits, before they are hired so that consistent, successful performance is assured.