Pathways To Leadership Overview

 Participant Activities

 First Session: Overview & Personal Goals Pt. I

  • What do they want to achieve during this program

  • Crystalize their thinking about each of the goal areas

Between: Clarify goals, discuss with others and return to session 2 with finalized group of 4 goals


Second Session: Personal Goals Pt. II

  • Share goals they’ve come up with with the group and get feedback

  • Revise goals, finalize highest priorities and commit to action

Between: Take action on goals and complete profile online


 Third Session: Profile Evaluation Feedback

  • Generic overview of Profile assessment content and it’s usefulness

  • Each individual projects their view of their Profile characteristics

  • Actual individual reports are delivered with feedback and review

Between: Discuss with people in their life about their profile results, and reflect on how this affects the goals they set

 Fourth Session: Quality & Productivity

  • Group discussion about quality and productivity issues in their company

  • Identify attitudes and behaviors that affect organization results

Between: Review with others the ideas of how improved quality and productivity can impact their lives

 Fifth Session: Leadership Expression

  • Discussion with everyone about here is who everyone is, here’s what it requires to be a leader

  • People leaders and technical leaders, competence in either is required for optimum performance

Between: Determination of the leadership potential within the group of participants


 Sixth Session: Actions based on all the above

  • Discuss implementation plan based on outcome of Pathways program


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