Pompano Beach Leadership Coach

I believe leadership & management development can help you achieve your organization's goals.

Richard Lewine, Leadership Coach in Pompano Beach

Richard Lewine, Leadership Coach in Pompano Beach

I can guide you through the process of:

• Articulating a strategic Vision
• Formulating supporting strategy
• Creating an organizational system of executable goals
• Designing an organizational structure to support the above

I have the tools and methods to identify and hire the right people for each position required to execute on your goals.

My expertise and experience in Leadership and Management development can help you generate significant improvements in your people's performance, and assured ROI on your investment in them.

I expanded and enhanced this understanding of organizational effectiveness through involvement with Leadership Management International.

How Can I Help You or Your Organization?

Effective Personal Leadership

Personal Leadership is the core of an individual’s character. It’s a quality that is exemplified when a person represents an organization in the outside world or interacts with others in the organization. Personal motivation and self-image are key to how one performs, responds, and leads. This course is part of our unique development process that will help you gain unique leadership skills. It will help your individuals realize personal leadership potential by building upon strengths and improving self-image and develop a written Plan of Action for success.

Effective Leadership Development

Most managers and team leaders lack the leadership and managerial skills necessary to suit their management positions. Our Effective Leadership Development program engages leaders and front-line managers in an exciting and proven learning process, empowering them to achieve real, measurable improvement in productivity, performance and results. An extra benefit for leaders and front-line managers is learning how to develop their people by equipping them with the skills necessary to build a high-performance team. Professional Leadership coach will guide you and your people through these programs.

 The Profile Evaluation System

Do More Than Hire a Warm Body For The Job

In an era where businesses of every size strive for any competitive advantage and eagerly embrace the newest technology of communication, production, record-keeping, etc., does it make sense that we often continue to operate our hiring, promotion, and training programs looking backwards instead of forwards? We look at what a person has done, not at what that person is capable of doing. We too often make critical people decisions based on history alone, rather than also considering future potential.

Every business, large or small, has two choices when it comes to its people: train and retrain present employees to continually improve their productivity and effectiveness, or enter into a spiral of “hire/fire frenzy.” it is immensely more cost-effective to “train, retrain and retrain” proven, present employees than it is to follow the old rule of “hire three to keep one,” thus separating the proverbial wheat from the chaff.

Leadership Mentor Testimonials

Richard works miracles. Not only does he help you grow your business, but he also helps you become the best leader you can be and provides therapy as a perk. I wouldn’t be where I am without Richard and, by default, RSL.

Paola West, CEO


I have had multiple interactions with consultants of this type and Rich Lewine’s hands-on work and support are the most effective I have encountered.  He was productive with me and my staff in reaching of objectives for which he was engaged.  I have also worked alongside of Rich Lewine in volunteer work situations (board of directors/committees) and found him an excellent team member with high energy and engaged in the projects assigned.

Paul Mercado, VP


Richard is not your typical “business coach”; he is much more like a sports team coach.  Tells you like it is.  Richard’s years and years of experience and his own investments into his field make him a TERRIFIC consultant and organizational coach.  Engage with him only if you’re serious about changing and developing yourself and/or your organization.  

Linda Kuppersmith, CEO


Rich was the consummate professional in uncovering ways I could improve my goal-setting process. He is well worth the investment of time and treasure”.

Sal Provenzano, VP


Richard is fantastic. Working with him required some real soul searching, and it was at   times difficult, but the return was incredible. I have used the skills I learned in every aspect of my life. It was an outstanding experience.”

CEO/President (Retired)

Mentoring and employee growth is important to a thriving organization. Richard has assisted us with current and future leaders at the City of Pompano Beach. His experience helps him cut to the chase when working one on one with staff to point out strengths and areas that need improvement. Plus he is a great guy to work with!

A. Randolph Brown, Utilities Director