Stress-Free Tax Season. File & Pay.

A three-part workshop to help you file on time!

Presented by Priya Kumar & Richard Lewine.

October 14th, 21st, 28th @ 3pm EST/12:00 PST.

A series of three, 45-minute virtual workshops with pre-session documents. Learn to FILE and PAY your federal taxes on April 15th. Learn the Technology of Goal setting combined with actionable financial knowledge to assure that the filing and payments happen on time. Register at least two days before in order to receive your pre-session documents.


Day 1 (Oct 14th)

File & Pay On Time

  • Why is it important to file and pay on time?

  • Consequences of filing late

  • Time and money you lose by not filing on time

Day 2 (Oct 21st)

Why haven’t you done it? What’s holding you back from filing your taxes on time?

  • Missing documents

  • Don’t have the funds

  • Don’t have time


Day 3 (Oct 28th)

Simple steps you can take to get this done seamlessly?

  • Good record keeping

  • Prepare early

  • Know your tax bracket

  • Understand your growth

  • Start saving in January of the tax year


About The Presenters

 Priya Kumar

My name is Priya Kumar. an entrepreneur, a business coach, a blogger, an author, hospice volunteer and a marathon runner. I help small business take control of their financial future by providing tools and perspective to help guide them through short term challenges on their way to long term financial freedom.


Richard Lewine

South Florida's Leadership/Management Guy! I believe leadership & management development can help you achieve your organization's goals. My expertise and experience in Leadership and Management development can help you generate significant improvements in your people's performance, and assured ROI on your investment in them.