Family Office Services

Next Generation Wealth Leadership Workshop

“Protect Your Wealth and Legacy”

Research has determined that it takes intentional, concerted effort to ensure that family wealth and reputation are maintained by succeeding generations.

“It is always about the people”


Maintaining family wealth requires running an effective business. Successful stewardship demands outstanding leadership that fosters healthy communications and a culture of honesty and trust. This is a common business challenge and is further complicated in a family office by complicated personal dynamics.

This workshop has been designed for current and Next Generation Wealth Family Office members in leadership roles, or in preparation for taking a future leadership role. We will focus on how you can personally impact the future and health of your family wealth and address your specific issues and concerns.

Ask Yourself:

  • Do you feel prepared to lead your family office to future growth?

  • Do you struggle with effective communication among family members?

  • Have you developed healthy processes for handling conflict, solving problems and making decisions?

  • Do you have documented, actionable and measurable goals for yourself and your family’s business and Family Office?

 There is great power in seeking another perspective. We provide experience, objectivity and honesty. Give yourself the gift of outside eyes that can see what you might be missing. Even the smartest business leaders do not see every black hole that can cripple the family office or threaten the family’s wealth.

Learn how you can turn the blind spots into opportunities!


 “This program helped us delve into family personal issues that were impacting the health of our business. We learned to dig deep to set professional and personal goals and establish clear roles and responsibilities. The hard work we did turned the business around, and improved our personal lives, too.”

- Bob Hoe, Robert Hoe and Associates;
Former President of Mardi Bob Management

 By participating in the Next Generation Wealth Leadership Workshop you will:

  • Gain valuable, data-based insight on your unique strengths, patterns of thinking, and the behaviors and ways of doing things you may find challenging or hard to change.

  • Understand how to use your Personal Profile information to improve your communication, problem solving, conflict resolution and decision making.

  • Improve your awareness of the “why” behind family dynamics and how it is impacting the health of the business and the ability to maintain your wealth.

  • Identify your specific areas of opportunity for improving the personal leadership skills required to maintain successful stewardship of your family office (family wealth?)


 “Richard is fantastic. Working with him required some real soul searching, and it was at times difficult, but the return was incredible. I have used the skills I learned in every aspect of my life. It was an outstanding experience.”

- Mimi Kehan CEO/President/COO, McGettigan Partners (Retired)

 The Next Generation Wealth Leadership Workshop includes:

  1. Personal Profile Evaluation: An online, confidential, validated assessment tool that provides an objective measurement of key aptitudes and job-related personality traits.

  2. Profile Feedback and Pre-workshop Interview to share your specific results and identify the goals and issues you want to address by participating in the workshop.

  3. One 3-Hour Virtual/In Person Workshop: Including case studies and interactive applications of the principles and solutions to common issues.

  4. Follow Up One-on-One meetings to:

    1. Help you apply workshop learning to your specific goals and issues communicated in pre-workshop interview.

    2. Identify possible next steps.


 “The impact of this program has been long lasting. If forced me to explore why I was in the family business and whether that was where I should be. Ultimately, I ended up doing work I love, and my relationships with family members are stronger.”

- Arlin Green, President Argosy Real Estate and
former Vice President Firstrust Bank.

Fee Structure

Fee of $1,925.00 US/person is all inclusive and due 3 weeks prior to the workshop dates. We offer a discount of 20% for groups of five or more from the same Family Office or organization. We use web conferencing for most engagements. If required, travel and lodging expenses will be billed to the client separately on a pass-through basis.