Remember, It Is Always About The People

Here are three axioms and an outcome that I have found universally effective during my 40 years of organization development consulting with hundreds of companies and thousands of people.

Hire Them Right

  1. Clearly define the expectations of each position and commit the expectations to writing.

  2. Establish a recruiting and interviewing process that includes an objective job-matching instrument that meets EEOC requirements.

  3. Have a “buddy” system or mentoring system that embraces new people and understand that they must learn “how we do things around here”.

Lead Them Right

  1. Articulate your vision clearly and succinctly. Include input of the leadership team and a sampling of the viewpoints of the workforce when creating it. Disseminate the vision visually, in writing, in videos, and verbally throughout the organization. Make an important presentation. Have all those who participated in the creation of the vision, explain the components.

  2. Develop a mission statement that expresses the values of leadership/ownership, the business you are in, your attitudes toward your people and how they benefit from contributing to the effectiveness of the organization.

  3. Ensure frequent appraisals of your peoples’ performance. At least quarterly is best, as well as in ad hoc feedback.

Train And Develop Them Right

  1. Provide opportunities for continuing education, both business specific and academic, as appropriate.

  2. Identify the untapped potential of your people and help them discover and develop their potential so that they reach more of their goals while they are achieving the organization’s goals.

  3. Establish a clear path to growth opportunities within the organization's professional, managerial and leadership arenas.

They Will Perform Right

  1. Establish annual overall organizational goals and incremental divisional/departmental goals.

  2. Publish these goals throughout your system so that everyone know why they are being asked to do what they do.

  3. Teach your people the technology of goal-setting so that they can apply it personally as well as organizationally.

  4. Provide regular feedback on performance, both individually and in group form. People do best when the know how they are doing.

Remember “without a system of goals our only motivation is survival”.


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