Organizational Strategy Formulation

Providing a picture of where your organization will be in five years can mean the difference between thriving and just surviving in the 21st century. The Organizational Strategy Formulation Session will help you clearly define a three to five year vision and create a strategic foundation on which to base your annual operational goals and plans.

This five day retreat involves the top leadership/management of your organization. These people have the responsibility and obligation to ensure the continuous viability of your enterprise. Pre-session questionnaires provide a streamlined conduit for input from other groups so that viewpoints and issues of concern from a wider population may be addressed and resolved. Future personal goals and aspirations of the current management group are reviewed and duly considered. A full day is devoted to issues concerning your organization’s human resources as they impact the realization of your future vision.

Intensive examination of current internal situations, external factors, current capabilities and critical issues lead to the clarification of your five-year Vision and supporting strategies. To ensure documentation and accountability for follow-through, responsibilities for development and implementation of goals and plans with appropriate benchmarks and deadlines are assigned prior to the end of the Session.