Case Studies

Architectural Signage & Way Finding Company

Ths client was a midsized organization in business for over 20 years when we coam on the scene. The founder was still active even though ready to retire, which he did shortly after our arrival.

His three sons were anxious to move the company forward and believed they were ready to articulate a 3 year Vision. On day one of their Vision retreat, they discovered that as a group of owner/leaders they didn’t even know how to manage the organization on a day-to day basis, let alone determine what they wanted the company to look like in three years.

We converted the time and effort committed to this project into a 12 to 18 month organizational goals session, starting with facilitating the writing of a real Mission statement, and then the creation of a system of executable goals for the following year. Significant improvement in performance followed exemplified by an increase in revenue of 15% the next year.

This progress continued for several years until they decided to change the orgnaizational structure to address family issues.

Chemical Process Industry Distributor

Family Recreation Facilities Holding Company

An annual loss of over $750,000/year was becoming common with this client. Our intervention turned that into a $500,000 gross profit the the year after we began working with the brother and sister owner/leaders of this enterprise.

The first major change was have the brother relinquish his role of president in favor of his sister. He had to commute by private plane to the headquarters. She was on-site and was even more capable of managing the operational side of the  business. The brother was a big picture person who preferred to leave execution to others.

During our tenure many other changes were made in the corporate structure, moving people to positions in which they could more effectively function. Division leaders were presented with opportunities for professional management development programs which they took advantage of. The results were outstanding with the above $800,000 swing just one example. Turnover was reduced and customer satisfaction increased.

The siblings also untangled their financial investments and recently sold the company.

Hospital Facilities Management Company

Children’s Mental Health Services Provider