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The Real Value of a Job Profile Evaluation

How one company changed the meaning of customer appreciation.

Of the questions I receive from prospects regarding our Profile Evaluation System for job matching, by far the most common is “How do I know it will work?”

Generally, it’s a difficult question to answer for someone who hasn’t experienced the value themselves. If a potential client is truly interested in the system, but has doubts about it’s effectiveness, I’ll often propose that we set up a Profile for them, in order to show them how effective profiling can really be.

If I can get them to sit down and run through our evaluation system (as a future employee would), I know they will be sold! A client of mine once called it “One of the most insightful hours in my entire career.

In truth however, it doesn’t really matter if it appears to work… What really matters is if it ACTUALLY works.

The following is a wonderful email I received from a long time client, who until not to long ago, was skeptical about our Profile Evaluation System. They truly gave a whole new meaning to customer appreciation.

Client Experience…

“Approximately one year ago we acquired another business.  The business was located hundreds of miles away and it was unlikely that any of the employees would be willing to move.  For that reason, we needed to hire several individuals, train them in a new application, and have them ready to man a help desk, all within three months.  Following our now ‘chiseled in granite’ policy, no offers were made until the individual had been Profiled and the Profile clearly showed the prospective employee met our standards.”

“After six months, we sent a questionnaire to all of our new customers and asked them for their appraisal of our efforts.  Below are a few of the comments we received. Of the almost 100 responses we received, there was not one negative comment.”

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all of the help and support that has received recently from your organization…
…Additionally, Jim was able to make the batch process run as a cron job.  This is something that no one at the ‘old  organization’ could ever do. Believe me, this accomplishment was no small feat.  Jim is to be commended!”

“I want to express my appreciation of the work that your organization is doing to fix/improve…
…I do not usually compliment vendors.  Being responsible for capital investment projects, finding competent vendors is difficult.  As far as your organization goes, I am impressed.”

“Much improved communication to your customers (us)”

“Identified issues with  software and proactively take steps to inform customers and correct the issue(s) in a timely fashion either through patch(s) or software releases”

“A HelpDesk who actually calls you back when they say they will and not getting a busy signal or voice mail”

“…has never told us ‘I don’t know what to tell you’ which was a standard line from before was the primary support.  I actually have a high degree of confidence now in support that I did not have before.”

“Don’t stop what you’re doing now . . . . Its such a good difference we don’t ever want to see anything resembling our old support.  We are judging others by standards has demonstrated and continues to display.  They’re a tough act to follow”

“These responses tell, far more eloquently than I could, how well our employees are doing.  One of the key reasons for hiring these individuals was because of what we saw in their Profiles.”

“If you would like to verify what you have read in this document is true, please ask Rich Lewine for my name and telephone number and call me.  I will be happy to talk with you further about our experiences.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself!

To have one the most insightful hours of your career… Click Here.

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Hiring Decisions are Tough…

Don’t go it alone!

Making great hiring decisions is important in every organization, but it can be hard to see the “real” person during an interview of a promising candidate.

Watch Richard’s 2-minute video in which he explains how the Profile Evaluation System cuts through the fluff to simplify the entire hiring process.

Learn why the Profile Evaluation System should be on your desk when making those important hiring decisions…

Watch on YouTube

After you watch the video, get your first profile FREE!

Know Your People: The Profile Evaluation System


By assessing applicants and current employees with The Profile Evaluation System, you as an employer are able to identify an individual’s true talents and objectively compare candidates. You can also generate questions for interviewing, develop specific training and development programs, and give insight into the best approach for managing an employee for greater success.

Why Use a Testing and Assessment System?

  • It’s easy to rely too much on how someone presents themselves in an interview as well as the individual’s past, which many people believe is the best predictor of the future.
  • Many job seekers at the professional level have been coached to present themselves appropriately and provide the answers the interviewer is looking for.
  • A good assessment encompasses various tests to measure the mental aptitudes and personality factors of an individual, in relation to the requirements of the job..
  • The Profile Evaluation provides an independent, objective analysis of a job candidate and ensures thay treated fairly without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, or national origin.

The Profile report contains succinct information to tell the employer:

  • Which candidates they should avoid hiring.
  • Which candidate best fits the job.
  • Which candidate is the best choice for transfer or promotion.
  • How to focus the training and management of an employee, to achieve greater success, more quickly.

As an example, if an individual has a high propensity for stress (as demonstrated by a restless nature and underdeveloped ego) they are more likely to lose focus and concentration on the job. As a result, there is an increased likelihood of mistakes being made, sales being lost, and/or tasks not being completed on time.

When the The Profile is properly implemented and utilized in conjunction with other standard hiring and interviewing procedures, it provides an objective comparison of the candidate, to the job… improving the employer’s ability to make good hiring decisions.

Know Your People. Your first profile evaluation is free. Get It Now…

Account Man Jack: Eccentric, Emphatic, a Perfect Fit

Congratulations! The economy is getting better and your business has grown right along with it. To keep your momentum, you decide you need to hire a new, commissioned outside sales person.

In our last blog we discussed the costly mistake of a ‘bad match’ hire. Today, we look at a good job-match and how it will benefit both parties.

Again, you’ve sifted through the applications, searching for candidates with a high energy level and an outgoing personality. And there’s one guy that stands out from the rest. You landed on… Jack!

POSITION TITLE: Sales Rep (Commissioned Outside Sales)
JOB DESCRIPTION Commission based sales position serving the rapidly growing senior community. The ideal candidate will possess a high energy level, outgoing personality and be results oriented, with demonstrated success in sales. (Experience in the senior care sector is a plus).

Find out why hiring Jack is the right decision and how you could know this even before you hire him.
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Meet Jane. Energetic, Upbeat… And Wrong for the Job!

rsl-profile-customer-service-repImagine your company needs to hire a new customer service rep. They’ll need to provide information about products and services to potential customers, as well as resolve problems for existing customers.

You’ve sifted through the applications and done some interviews. One candidate, let’s call her Jane, stands out from the rest. Jane is energetic, upbeat and seems to understand the products. It seems like Jane will be a perfect fit as your new customer service rep… but she’s not.

Based upon our Profile assessment, here’s why hiring Jane would be a costly decision…

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