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Account Man Jack: Eccentric, Emphatic, a Perfect Fit

Congratulations! The economy is getting better and your business has grown right along with it. To keep your momentum, you decide you need to hire a new, commissioned outside sales person.

In our last blog we discussed the costly mistake of a ‘bad match’ hire. Today, we look at a good job-match and how it will benefit both parties.

Again, you’ve sifted through the applications, searching for candidates with a high energy level and an outgoing personality. And there’s one guy that stands out from the rest. You landed on… Jack!

POSITION TITLE: Sales Rep (Commissioned Outside Sales)
JOB DESCRIPTION Commission based sales position serving the rapidly growing senior community. The ideal candidate will possess a high energy level, outgoing personality and be results oriented, with demonstrated success in sales. (Experience in the senior care sector is a plus).

Find out why hiring Jack is the right decision and how you could know this even before you hire him.


  • 3 or more years of successful outside commission based sales experience
  • Skilled at cold calling and securing sales from small business accounts.
  • Identifies prospects, customers, and referral sources, while developing and maintaining excellent relationships
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills (oral, written, presentation)
  • Positive and energetic attitude

The Profile system is a tool for measuring different aspects of a candidate’s skill and personality, that often do not show up in resumes, job applications and even interviews. The results of a Profile should be used in conjunction with other methods to determine if a person is a good job-match.

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This Outside Commission Sales position requires that out of 6 specific dimensions in the Profile the candidate scores 5 or higher to yield a minimum of 4.5 points to predict consistent success in the job. We’ll discuss 3 of those dimensions here.

A1 – Mental Alertness: Good match of learning speed with job requirement because…
Candidate scores 7 on A1 Mental Alertness, indicating a rapid learner, someone who is capable of making good judgements while working with a prospective client. Also able to deal with concepts well, based on less than ideal amount of information.

D4 – Sociability: Good match of interpersonal needs with job requirements because…
Candidate scores 6 on D4 Sociability. This is indicates a that the person is comfortable interacting with people on a face-to-face basis, not via telephone or internet. The candidate looks forward to meeting new people and enjoys the process of telling the company’s story.

D6 – Dominance: Good match of assertiveness needs with job requirements because…
Candidate scores 8 on D6 Dominance. This indicates a person that is comfortable “asking for the order” when the time is right in the sales process. Getting the sale is a natural outcome to someone with this personality trait. Scores lower than 6 on this dimension generally preclude consistency of high level performance.

The hiring organization was able to make a good hiring decision because this information was available before any final decision was made. Both the candidate and the organization come out ahead, ensuring good on the job performance and a happy employee due to a better than satisfactory performance appraisal.

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