I have had multiple interactions with consultants of this type and Rich Lewine’s hands on work
and support is the most effective I have encountered. He was productive with me and my staff
in reaching of objectives for which he was engaged. I have also worked along side of Rich
Lewine in volunteer work situations (board of directors/committees) and found him an excellent
team member with high energy and engaged in the projects assigned.

–Paul Mercado 3/2017 (Rand Insurance)

Richard is not your typical “business coach”; he is much more like a sport team coach. Tells
you like it is. Richard’s years and years of experiences and his own investments into his field
make him a TERRIFIC consultant and organizational coach. Engage with him only if you’re
serious about changing and developing yourself and/or organization.

– Linda Kuppersmith 3/2017 (CMIT Stamford)

Richard’s workshop helped me get over my tendencies to hold myself back and my ‘do it
tomorrow’ mentality.  Making a goal plan every week helps me stay on track to fulfill my big
goals for the year and not procrastinate with tedious everyday tasks – and the results are
already showing!  My job is more enjoyable, I am a lot less stressed, and I am a lot more

– Madison Harrison 3/2017 (Luxe Travel)

“Your insight and advice along with my personality assessment, will be tools I will continue to
use as I take the next step on my career path. It was the little things (like pointing out I hide
behind my hair) and the big things (showing me how to articulate a vision and lay out a plan of
action to achieve the goals).”

(Nutricutical Holdings)

“Richard is fantastic. Working with him required some real soul searching, and it was at times
difficult, but the return was incredible. I have used the skills I learned in every aspect of my
life. It was an outstanding experience.”

-Mimi Kehan (Arbor Square)



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