Mimi Kehan CEO/President/COO McGettigan Partners (Retired):

“Richard is fantastic. Working with him required some real soul searching, and it was at times challenging, but the return was incredible. I have used the skills I learned in every aspect of my life. It was an outstanding experience.”

Catherine Stone, President Chromasites:

“Fun to work with and incredibly effective. With his guidance, we have totally transformed our business. His goal crystallization process helped me immensely.”

Cloud-based business communications Wholesale Account Executive

“I want to say thank you to you for a lot of my growth on becoming who I have become. You have taught me how to handle situations in different ways which has helped me become me”

Distribution company CFO:
“We are disciples of your training, as we think and talk differently than before we met you. We have continued to meet monthly on our yearly corporate goals and we meet quarterly on the strategy to achieve the vision we set back at the end of 2010.”

Graphic printing president:
“Hearing others point out what you don’t always realize was very helpful. Most important was breaking old habits and artificial barriers to change.”

Security firm President:
“Other executives shared what turned out to be common problems. It’s good to know we face the came challenges in business. I got foresight into what may come up next.”

Independent insurance adjuster manager:
“I never knew what would happen next. It was the finest course I ever attended, bar none. I developed new perspectives and really began to achieve.”

Customer Experience Vice President:
“Your insight and advise along with my personality assessment, will be tools I will continue to use as I take the next step on my career path. It was the little things (like pointing out I hide behind my hair) and the big things (showing me how to articulate a vision and lay out a plan of action to achieve the goals).”

“I recognized that I can really set and achieve goals if I used the easy effective, tools provided. I took a quantum leap in organization.”

Printing company treasurer:
“The group provided stimulus not usually gotten in daily interchange. We rarely communicate objectively on a peer level outside our sphere of influence.”

Print bindery president:
“I discovered new ways to help my people help me. It was well worth the small investment of time and money.”

National transmission repair operations manager:
“The course material has found immediate application and has served ot sharpen my
management skills. The aspect of the class that dealt with goals and goal setting was
particularly useful.”

Property/Casualty insurance agency First VP:
“…the results for me personally have been nothing less than exceptional, particularly in the area of production of new accounts in the insurance business.”