About Richard S. Lewine

Richard Lewine - Pompano Beach 2018 - management, leadership, personal productivity, organization growth

President, RSL Consulting Group, LLC

Richard Lewine is a grand vizier & mentor who uses extensive life experience and wisdom to help change the lives of his clients. He is passionate about what he does, and inspires those he works with to have a vision and look within to transform themselves and lead their business to great success.

Discover and develop your untapped potential to achieve more of what you want in business and life.

Richard is relentless in his approach, and guides his clients to set and achieve their most important goals. His methodology results in sustainable skills that positively impact people’s careers, the bottom line of their business, and their personal lives.

Richard worked in every aspect of a family business and then applied that knowledge as a consultant. He identified that effective leadership and management skills were often missing in many small businesses, and began to focus on developing programs and consulting approaches that helped entrepreneurs and business owners become exceptional leaders.

Lewine created a series of services that filled the void including Organization Goals Sessions and Sales Plus Leadership. In response to the needs of his clients, he created Vision Building and Strategy Formulation, the Presidents Alliance, The Objective Performance Appraisal System, Succession Planning, Owner/Partner Transitioning, and Exit Planning processes.

As a natural outgrowth of his hands-on experience with his clients, Richard developed, GoalTrak™EV, a web-based, (SaaS), strategic goals and performance management system. Organization-wide GoalTrak™EV deployment supports collaborative goal creation and tracking which drives an integrated objective performance appraisal system.

He was a founding member of the Delaware Valley Chapter of the International Society for Performance and Instruction. Currently, Mr. Lewine volunteers as a Business Mentor with SCORE in Broward County Florida. He is an amateur sculptor, a closet “techie” who prefers alternative computer operating systems, voracious reader of science fiction and historical fiction, and an avid walker.

Mr. Lewine’s continuing education includes courses in Marketing, Business Law, Industrial Psychology and Computer Basics at Temple University. He recently completed the Gamification course and received certification from Wharton/Coursera