Without a system of goals, our only motivation is survival.

What We Do

  • We work with you to build a Clear Vision, Strategy and Goal System
  • We work with you to match people’s attributes to position requirements
  • We work with you to initiate management development programs
  • We work with you to establish organizational goals systems with tracking and performance management

How We Do It

  • We identify your specific needs.
  • We act as catalysts to begin the process of improving human performance.
  • We involve all levels of management and the workforce.
  • We help you move forward with an unbiased perspective, proven organization development practices and knowledge.

Client Results

  • Executed 3 year plan in 1/2 the time at 2/3 anticipated cost.
  • Converted $750,00 loss into $500,000 profit in 9 months.
  • Exceeded 5 year vision targets by 20%.
  • Increased revenue by 20% with no increase in employee count.

Each of the services below may be a stand alone intervention or become part of an integrated, total  approach to maximizing the potential of your organization’s overall effectiveness. Together, you and RSL decide which path will yield the best results, based on your desired outcomes.

“We can be your confidant, grand vizier, sounding board, and the force which can help you confront the difficult issues that arise in the singular role of organizational leader.”

Articulating Your Vision
Organization Strategy Formulation
Organizational Goals Session
Organizational Consulting
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